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By Peter McKenna

on Thu Jul 07 2022

When you think of CCTV you normally think of commercial premises and private dwelling properties. Unfortunately, any building can be a possible target for crime and antisocial behaviour, usually those buildings without CCTV protection become and easy target.

At JMK Security we have recently worked with a number of Schools, Sporting Clubs and Churches across both Northern Ireland and Ireland to help ensure their premises are secure and protected.


At JMK Security we help schools identify the right system for their needs. Irish and Northern Irish Schools or College facilities should have a quality IP CCTV system installed for the health and safety of staff and children and protection of the school premises and assets.

Many Schools in Northern Ireland do not have CCTV installed or are using old legacy analogue systems that are end of life and do not offer adequate security protection.

  • Deters Theft During School Closures
  • Deters Vandalism
  • Reduces Bullying and Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Improves Teacher and pupil Safety
  • Identifies Unauthorised Visitors

Sports Clubs

At JMK Security we understand the importance of protecting our Sports Clubs throughout Ireland/Northern Ireland and provide a range of cost effective and versatile systems to meet each clubs needs.

  • Prevents burglary, sports clubs can be seen as an easy target for crime, with expensive equipment on site and often no club member there every day.
  • It offers ground management an effective means of monitoring crowds and anti-social behaviour at any matches.
  • CCTV allows personnel in management and police to identify incidents, either by viewing the monitor directly or after receiving reports.
  • Protects the grounds from damage from antisocial behaviour.


Over the years we have seen Churches in Ireland and Northern Ireland make the headlines, they are just as at risk of criminal damage and theft as any other business in the community. 

They Deter Thefts and Criminals

You Can Keep the Staff and Congregation Accountable
Protects the grounds from damage from antisocial behaviour.

At JMK Security we offer a vast range of surveillance products and solutions suitable for schools, sports clubs and churches and will meet you on site and discuss: –

  • An on-site risk assessment
  • Survey of your current coverage
  • Advice and technical expertise in what CCTV solution would suit your building
  • Advice on a system with Intruder, fire protection and access control systems.
  • How to provide a surveillance system that avoids infringing upon individual privacy