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Small Businesses: 5 benefits of installing CCTV cameras for your small business

By Peter McKenna

on Mon May 23 2022

CCTV Surveillance Systems are one of the most powerful security tools that a business can own, and with the technology available today, this essential tool can protect people, property, and information in any type of location, large or small, from a single office to businesses with multiple sites and operations.

For Small businesses CCTV cameras are essentially important – here are just some of the reasons why…

1. Avoid internal and external theft

Every business has to protect themselves from theft. As much as we try not to think about it many businesses are at risk both internally from staff and external from burglaries.  With CCTV surveillance you can protect all areas of your business.

2. Crime prevention

CCTV cameras are deterrents against criminals. This is important for small business, which can be seen as easier target for vandalism, damage and burglaries.

3. Keeping Your Staff Safe

CCTV cameras encourage good behaviour on site and depending on the industry it can help employees to feel safer and reassured.

4. Evidence

Although CCTV cameras can deter most criminals if some do cause damage or steal then you have a better chance of prosecution with CCTV footage.

5. Insurance

All businesses like to save money and reduce overheads. Many insurance providers offer a reduced policy for businesses with CCTV cameras in place.

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