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By Peter McKenna

on Wed Aug 17 2022

At JMK Security we are proud to be innovative market leaders in Eco-powered CCTV Towers. For years we here at JMK Security, have pushed the boundaries and provided our customers with world class security systems. In 2022 that is no exception, we know that sustainability is at the core of most businesses plans and will continue to become more and more of a focus in the years to come. With this in mind our 100% Eco-powered CCTV Tower was developed.

Here are 11 things you need to know about our CCTV towers: –

  1. JMK Security are Ireland’s only 100% Eco-powered CCTV Tower provider
  2. Each JMK Security Tower features A.I. technology with 360°, 24/7 coverage.
  3. JMK Security Towers are cost effective – something we know in the current climate is becoming increasingly important to businesses. Each tower has market-leading solar panels and wind turbines to deliver true eco power.
  4. Unlike other CCTV towers there is no need for battery swaps, top-ups, generators, methanol… just 24/7 operation with no hidden costs.
  5. They come in different sizes, JMK Security have options to suit small or large sites and a range of self-sufficient solutions for sites without power.
  6. Each JMK Security CCTV tower has a wireless detection and communications function which provides a stable, and robust security management solution
  7. JMK Security CCTV towers can be installed on any site, anywhere. We have carried out installations across Northern Ireland, Ireland and UK.
  8. Locally founded and locally made, all JMK Security CCTV towers are manufactured in-house to the highest standards which also means that we can pass the cost savings onto our customers.
  9. JMK Security’s Eco CCTV Tower options are customisable therefore ensuring that we will always have the perfect solution for you
  10. JMK Security have different versions of the Eco CCTV Tower; each one provides zero emissions. The new eco Solar, Wind & Hydrogen security pod is the largest self-powered security solution available today. It cleverly utilises solar energy via our custom integrated solar panels located on the tower’s base, to charge its on-board battery pack – without any reduction in tower features or functionality. In addition, there is a 600W 24V wind turbine to ensure clean, environmentally friendly all year-round power even in difficult winter months. We also include an eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell as a reliable, back-up power source.
  11. We can deliver Nationwide! Available in all 32 counties, North and south. We have worked in Belfast, Dublin, Donegal, Galway, Kerry and Cork.

JMK Security have been successfully providing solar CCTV tower hire to a wide variety of businesses all over Ireland. Our clients have included those in the public and private sectors including construction, renewables, energy, civils and live events such as concerts, festivals and large outdoor gatherings.

Our command centres provide a fully managed on site security solution equipped with surveillance room, welfare unit, and can be linked to multiple towers to cover large scale sites and live events.


We are proud to have recently secured the contract to provide temporary off-grid solar powered Eco CCTV to the upgrade works on the Magherafelt – Coolkeeragh 275kV section of overhead power lines for KN Network Services in Northern Ireland.

Our off-grid solar-powered Eco CCTV Towers provided them with a cost effective and reliable approach to their site security. The customer was impressed with how quick and easy the Towers were to install, especially given the location and terrain.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch with us today by calling 028 8224 3977 or emailing .