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CCTV Domestic

Keeping an eye on what matters to you most

CCTV Surveillance System installed for Taggart Homes development in Culmore, County Derry.
CCTV Surveillance System installed in a home in Culmore, County Derry

When it comes to the security of your family, there is nothing more important. That is why our range of residential CCTV systems are packed full of the latest technology, ensuring that you can look after your home, family, and possessions from anywhere in the world.

We understand that when it comes to protecting your home, you need a CCTV system that you can rely on. A system that fulfils all the basic requirements of capturing live footage and storing it for later. Here at JMK Security, our technology allows CCTV to prevent break-ins and unwanted access, before it even happens, so that CCTV is being used to prevent people entering your home as opposed to just identifying them once it’s too late.

  • Access cameras remotely from a mobile, tablet, or desktop device with all footage being stored in the cloud.
  • Use CCTV as a video tripwire and start recording / sound the alarm if motion is detected in a specific area
  • Install cameras inside, outside and surrounding your home for complete visibility, all accessible from a single app. Plus, with night vision cameras, your cameras are always watching